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Sunday, 22 July 2018

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Book your Hotel in Paris - When you think of the ultimate in shopping trips Paris has to be top of your vacation travel list. With 45 million annually in tourists you know something very special awaits you. Haute Couture and luxury goods are found in some of the most exclusive designer boutiques in the world. All your senses will come alive with the designers, 1,800 monuments, 170 museums, and numerous parks. You are guaranteed life transforming discoveries in this historical city.

Paris is the sixth largest city in the world offering elegant, extravagant, and glamorous which is what you expect on streets lined with fashion. Your journey will surround you by some of the oldest landmarks in the world. Fashion week brings out the best in design with run way introductions by Chanel, Gucci, Armani, Versace, and all the trend setters.

Must experience streets include Avenue Montaigne, and the rue du faubourg Saint-Honore. La Vallee Village is also an extraordinary shopping, and boutiquing opportunities. For family members not intrigued by design you are in the right place for daily historical tours. 

Fabulous top terrific must sees such as the Eiffel Tower,Louvre Museums 35,000 works of art, Arc de Triomphe dedicated to Napoleon Bonaparte, Notre Dame Cathedral's 360 degree views are places to plan extra time for touring, and photographs. Normandy tours in Northern France is a very important excursion from the city everyone should experience. From Omaha Beach, to the D-Day cemetaries of Saint Laurent & Arromanches this is a must take trip.

This magical city has originals pieces of art by Leonardo da Vinci, Monet, Rodin, and Picasso on display throughout the city. Paris is a uniquely designed city connected to different areas by a series of 31 bridges, making your discoveries spectacular. Joanie's Reviews believes Spring in Paris has to be the most romantic season for visiting. The weather, outdoor cafes, and parks are alive with gorgeous flowers, music, and plays. The time of year is reflective in the fun fashion that is everywhere. favorite city eateries are Restaurant Le Procope for an intimate introduction to magnificent french cuisine, le Moulin de la Galette for sunny gardens & artsy interior, Restaurant Le Grand Colbert for fantastic fresh fish creations. For accommodations Book Both Hotels and Golf prefers the Left Bank for hotel, and bed & breakfast selections. Considered the most perfect, and prestigious location for getting to major attractions.

Bed & Breakfasts are different than in the United States. Most are private residences, possible shared bathrooms, some offer breakfasts, but for the most part you have more of an apartment style feel, with a small in room refrigerator. The homes that offer rooms are usually quite grand with a Chateau style architecture, offering the chance to stay in the preferred areas for a lot less than the nicer hotels. Book Hotels recommendation is the stunning four star boutique Hotel Villa d' Estrees. 

Hotel Villa d' Estrees
17 rue Git le Coeur75006, Paris
(33 1) 55 42 71 11

This property is what you imagine when you desire truly experiencing the charm of Paris from an elegant accommodation on a quaint street, convenient to eateries, and attractions. Hotel Villa d' Estrees is a four star Inn with fabulous furnishings, and comfort in every detail making your stay memorable for a life time. The Inn does not have a large 24-7 restaurant, so be prepared to discover a couple new cafes each day. A great idea is to bring some delicious fresh bakery goods, wine, and cheese back to your room for late night lounging.

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